What is a Contactless or Touchless Menu?

June 8, 2020

COVID-19 is changing how restaurants have to operate. To keep customers safe, many restaurants are being requested to use disposable menus to reduce virus transmission, but that can be costly. Some of our restaurant clients have told us that it costs them as much as $1,000 just to reprint a menu when prices change. Now add on the cost of disposable menus, and you can see the high cost of reopening your restaurant for limited dine in or patio dining.

What is a Contactless Menu?

A touchless or contactless menu is a QR code or near field (NFC) enabled card that can be scanned on a customer’s mobile device to view a restaurant menu. This menu can be updated and changed in real time.

iPhone scanning a contactless menu
Smartphones can easily scan a touchless or contactless menu.

These menus will offer customers and restaurant owners alike peace of mind while they reopen. Contactless and touchless menus can even provide a richer experience with robust imagery support and up-to-date specials. We recommend any restauranteur to explore options in the touchless menu space.

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