The ultimate guide to create a QR Code Menu for your restaurant

August 4, 2022

Statistically, half of the U.S. full service restaurants have used QR code menus since the onset of the pandemic. Why? This digital menu is among the best win-win solutions that concurrently benefit customers and enable improved business sales. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the QR code menu. By the end of the guide, you will be ready to capitalize on these QR codes.

What’s a QR code menu? 

One2 Contactless Menu

Standing for ‘quick response codes’ and also called digital menu, contactless menu, online menu, or menu QR code, QR code menu is the physical menu’s digital version that diners scan on their mobile device for instant access to the latest restaurant menu. It delivers a more friendly post-pandemic customer experience, actively replacing physical menus. For example, by applying the QR code menu to remove unnecessary contact, Marriott restaurants build a success story for casual and fine dining businesses in the restaurant industry to replicate.

Instant access to the menu

It’s worth addressing that the One2 QR code menu app takes QR menus to the next level by being an ultimate online ordering and fulfillment system for your restaurant business, empowering you to seat more customers and drive revenue. For instance, it boosts your search ranking for free, which you can’t do with a basic QR code generator and QR code type like PDF menus. With this contactless menu, customers don’t have to download anything to their mobile device for viewing. Just either unlock and hold their NFC-enabled phone near the defined spot or open their phone camera app to scan the QR code, which automatically takes them to a landing page with readable menu information.

How can the digital menu cut operating costs and increase sales? 

1. More enticing and strategic menu design

After using One2 Contactless Menu

Most restaurants don’t include images in their printed menu due to the high printing costs but use easy-to-read digital menus with mouth-watering food photos for increased upselling and cross-selling. QR code menus also match your restaurant's branding, say colors and logos. 

2. Easy, fast, and accurate updates 

Restaurant owners are aware that commodity prices have increased significantly over the last year. Contactless menus allow you to adjust pricing and change menu items across multiple locations in seconds.

3. Saving on printing costs

Printing disposable menus are costly and the costs add up whenever you change menus. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle these costs with a QR code menu like One2.

4. Increased server efficiency for reduced labor costs

Having diners order via QR codes enables servers to spend time on other tasks like delivering orders. This reduces miscommunication and order errors as well.

5. Accelerating table turnover

With QR code menus, restaurant staff can serve the optimal number of customers. Ordering ahead of sitting down, once they are seated, and ordering more items during the meal are never easier for diners.

6. Understanding customers better

The online menu ordering process unlocks many advanced features. Perhaps, the key function that interests many restaurant owners is the ability to see the analytics which keeps them updated about how much time guests spend on each menu page, the bestsellers, and all.

7. Creating powerful promotions

As a QR code menu enables ease of making changes, you can run promotions and change featured items effortlessly. Also, the analytics let restaurant managers monitor the promotion.

8. Higher order values

Consumers spend 30% more when ordering through the online ordering system because they feel more at ease adding menu items. A sophisticated QR code menu generator also has upselling and cross-selling functionality to promote higher order values. 

9. Improved customer retention with their safety prioritization

Image: MarketBusinessNews

75% of people wouldn’t visit restaurants with negative reviews about cleanliness. Contactless options undeniably make customers feel more assured of hygiene. 

10. More restaurant reviews

You can create a QR code linking to satisfaction surveys. This streamlines the review process. 

What to consider when implementing QR code menus? 

1. Functionality you need

Menu QR code apps range from simple to sophisticated. A simple online menu is a good bet for no-frills joints while restaurants with varied menus for different day parts may consider a more cutting-edge contactless menu. Besides, you want to think about factors like PMS and POS integrations and direct payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay. Whatever dining experience your business offers, regard QR code menus as a strategy.

2. Your budget

How much do you plan on spending? QR codes can be free or not. Generally, free ones like a free PDF menu can't help your business save labor costs and make money through profitable upsells. Meanwhile, more premium digital menus usually have high ROIs - Starbucks and Dominos are well-known examples of that adoption.

3. Digital menu app for restaurants

One2 is popular as a great value option.

After you have determined what you are searching for, it’s time to select a software vendor. You may look into One2 known as a great value option with all features across the board, for example, Simplified Menu Management and Google My Business Sync.

4. Menu customization

This often involves adding menu item pricing, descriptions, and images. You may also want to highlight seasonal menu items and promotions. 

5. QR code menu display options

Image: TechInnovations

Display QR codes where on surfaces they are easily accessible, for instance, on tabletop inserts, the order counter, table tents, front windows, doors, curbside signs, sandwich boards, posters in your restaurant, loyalty cards, and business cards.

6. Continuous added value with QR codes

A dynamic QR code lets you change restaurant menus for personalized and relevant campaigns. For instance, make the customer who is celebrating their birthday at your place feel special by renaming a menu item after their name.

Related questions 

1. What are the drawbacks of QR code menus?

Their only real drawback is older guests’ unfamiliarity with using the technology. However, the adoption of new technologies for Coronavirus safety has been ever-increasing among people of all ages. And customers preferring a physical menu can always check out copies of your digital menu.

2. Is it fast and easy to set up?  

Yes. One2 Ordering can get set up the same day without hardware and credit card required.

3. What if I don't have a website?

You can use One2 Ordering without a website. 

4. Does One2 Menu support franchises?


5. Does One2 Menu automatically translate my menu to multiple languages?


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