Top 6 Hacks to Create a Profitable Sports Bar Menu

September 16, 2022

A Gallup poll shows that it averagely takes 109 seconds for customers to study your menu. How can a menu make a big impact in such a short time? With inflation forcing already high bar food and drink costs to increase, profitability generally tops sports bar menus. Keep reading for suggestions and advice on how to create a profitable menu for your sports bar. 

Tips and tricks to create a profitable sports bar menu that attracts even the pickiest customer

1. Master what matters

A solid foundation is a key to business success. This could be mastering free pouring techniques, how to open rare and pricey drinks with Port tongs, or how to serve onion rings with a spicy ranch dipping sauce. Should you be going to offer it, it is necessary for those preparing it to ace it and those serving it to know it inside out.

2. Have a great online bar menu design

One2 digital menu

Online menus are so beneficial that you may want to create one. Here, we list what makes a popular and profitable sports bar menu.

Great photos

It will be great if your menu images can cause hunger and cravings in your browser. Studies show that food establishments can increase sales by 30% by adding food and drink photos along with the text. 

Awesome menu descriptions 

Menu foods with well-written descriptions sell a whopping 27% better. You can use nostalgia like "Mom's Meatloaf" Sandwich. Also, use well-chosen descriptors such as flavorful, savory, and tender. You may likewise address an ingredient’s origins, texture, how your kitchen prepares it, etc., — just avoid long-winded content.

Naming bar food and drinks after players and teams

A sports bar usually attracts sports fans, so speaking their language is a smart business strategy. For example, you can name your bar menu items after popular players and teams in town. Or, design the menu in a team's jersey’s color. 

Currency symbols 

According to research, removing signs of currencies like dollars helps drive sales of bars and restaurants. This helps patrons care less about prices and more about the foods they want. 

Menu colors

Menu colors can help deliver a better experience for your diners. For instance, red incite energy and excitement and is usually used by a sports bar.

Subconscious scheming

Since customers tend to subconsciously order the top 2 dishes in a menu section, you may see a food site list its highest-margin foods first. But several people usually select the bottom option; thus, a bar’s most cost-effective food tends to be the last item in each section.

One2: A true turn-key app behind a profitable sports bar menu

One2 QR code menu

One2 contactless menu has practically everything you need to create a popular and profitable menu. It enables you to realize the above elements of success and even more. 

Some of One2’s helpful features include:

  • Customizable designs for a unique touch
  • Simplified menu management
  • Website integration
  • Improved SEO
  • Google My Business sync

People are satisfied and their feedback is positive:

After adding the menu and integrating with Google, we observed an exciting 5X increase in views within 60 days." (Anthony's Restaurant & Pubs success story)

Anthony's Restaurant & Pubs success snapshot

3. Sell bar appetizers quickly

People in a bar usually purchase multiple appetizers for a larger group. So having many appetizer options on your sports bar menu is profitable.

Selling appetizers once customers enter and gather around the table can indeed increase sales. Train your staff to ask not just "Can I get you something to drink," but "Would you like to take an appetizer?". 

4. Market your house specialties

Putting housemade condiments into your offerings can make them remarkably marketable house specialties. According to operators, an easy way of providing customers with flavor impossible for them to get anywhere else is to customize condiments and other accompaniments. These can set you apart and let you command a higher price point for various bar menu items. 

5. Price your sports bar menu strategically 

The profit margin of classic bar food is high

It is money-saving to make traditional bar food like onion rings. The price of bulk food is low and you can make most of it quickly without needing much labor.

Account for labor when you adjust pricing

For more complicated dishes with more preparation work, you are recommended to adjust your bar food price accordingly to earn a profit and concurrently meet your target audience’s budget.

Track your customer demand

 You can identify customer demand for some items to gauge your sports bar menu prices. For example, scale the price of sought-after drinks and food.

6. Calculate your costs

Controlling your costs is tied to hiring the right people, having good relationships with suppliers, and using relevant technology solutions like One2. This app is cost-effective, always up-to-date, and easy to use. Better yet, it helps build a direct ordering channel for your bar, for free. Contact us now for further information.

Sports bar menu ideas: 4 success stories 

1. Embrace global influences

Generally, different cultures have a one-of-a-kind take on spirits, which you can leverage for influence. For instance, a favorite way of beating the heat is to have the Italian drink Aperol Spritz.

2. Small plates to enjoy with beverages

There is no rationale for creating something already done well. The salty tapas that usually includes chorizo and cheese would trigger the thirst center in the diner's brain, resulting in more drinks and hence improved sales. 

3. Form partnerships with purveyors

Should you be targeting a wider audience, partnerships with purveyors will do. For instance, host a great tasting with a natural winery and begin to add some of their offerings to your sports bar menu.

4. Highlight seasonal food 

Irish coffees can beat back the cold but are not a favorite soother for the summer. So, consider the seasonal factor when you create your bar menu.

Related questions 

1. What do you put in a sports bar, essentially?

Ample location, a wide collection of beer, tasty bar food, sizable HD screens, and safe menus 

2. Are sports bars profitable?

Yes because it is open to the general public and the popularity of the sports niche is undeniable (sports being a favorite form of entertainment is a bonus).

3. What is the most profitable bar menu food?

  • Onion rings
  • Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Beer
  • Quesadillas
  • Cheddar
  • Parmesan

4. How to pair food and beverages?

  • Red meats, carbs, or generally heavier food with beer
  • Sushi with ginger-infused drink 
  • Light goat cheese board with a light cocktail
  • Poultry and seafood with white wines
  • Red meat with red wines

5. Does One2 offer sports bar menu templates?

Yes. You do not need to search elsewhere. Just check them out for inspiration, then put your own unique touch on one of its sports bar menu templates.

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