Instant Contactless QR Code menus

Get a contactless menu in your restaurant in less than 30 minutes.

Free with any One2 Plan

Why Touchless menus?

Safer, cost-effective, and always up-to-date, contactless menus are the right decision for your customers and your budget to help you grow your business.

Safer for Everyone

Reduce the risk of virus transmission, keeping your customers and employees safe.

Easier to Update

Update your prices and specials instantly, with the push of a button. No printing required.

A Better Experience

Designed with small screens in mind, your new menu will always be easily viewable.

Ditch the print menu.

  1. Update your contactless menu in just seconds with the One2 app.
  2. Display your contactless menu at counters, tables, and doors.
  3. Customers can scan or tap your contactless menu to view it on their smart phones. No app required for viewing.
Free with any One2 Plan
One2 Contactless Menu
iPhoneiPhone showing NFC notificationOne2 Contactless Menu on iPhone





One2 Icon showing multiple language translation.

Language Translation

Automatically translate your menu to the languages of your choice. No translator required.

One2 website integration icon.

Website Integration

No website updates required. Every time you hit “publish”, your menu is updated on your website.

Icon showing always up-to-date syncing..


Publish your menu to Google My Business, Facebook, and your website with the push of a button.

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