Top 9 Ideas for Small Juice Bar Design

September 23, 2022

Juice bars are among the most essential ones in a town. Particularly for those who are not a fan of coffee drinks and finding yummy and healthy alternatives. Since consumers have a heightened awareness of personal health and are improving their eating habits, the smoothie shop is gaining more popularity. 

The question now for you is what design ideas help set your juice shop apart? Keep reading to find out. 

The 9 small juice bar design ideas

1. Show off your fresh fruits to attract even those not a huge fan

If you cannot offer mouth-watering juice, no interior design can help your smoothie bar. Capitalize on this unique selling point. Do not put all your fresh juice ingredients away but display them, letting guests see all the nutritious things they get into their bodies. Besides, vegetables and fruits are so colorful that they are decorative bits on their own! 

The Juicery displays fresh produce baskets and a great mural painting as an added exciting thing. 

Image: Pinterest

Image: liab

Image: elys

Instead of spending money on distressed looking wood, you may leverage gorgeous inexpensive wallpaper for your white walls. This is like writing a brand new chapter on an empty sheet. For example,

Image: nl.aliexpress

2. Bring the outdoors inside

Image: bucharest

A small juice bar is recommended to use greenery as decorations that make your tiny space feel airy and customers feel comfortable. Even if you have zero experience in gardening, you cannot go wrong with aloe vera plants and succulents that do not need too much care.

The Nekter Juice Bar boasts a green wall sign that makes an adorable decor.

3. Install standout light fixtures

Image: sg.carousell

As a smoothie shop generally does not have a big shop space, you should get the most out of it. One simple way to do so is by setting up cool light fitting. This design element is practical and beneficial as your commercial space needs ample light and should look buzzworthy to make customers love it at first sight. 

One thing to note is that you need to have this installation job done by the right person to ensure it is in line with the applicable regulations and safe for operation.

4. Use the modern design for your tiny shop

With the juice bar being a more current trend, the best bet for its interior design is often modern style. Think about unique titles, neutral colors, etc. Customers will be interested in such an aesthetic, thus likely taking selfies there. That implies your social engagement will increase with photos shared by your guests, which adds to your money saving bits in marketing. 

ReU Juicery impresses customers by using eclectic tile counters. 

5. Design a popular and profitable juice bar menu

One of the challenging points for juice bars is creating a popular menu. Because there is pretty much everything innovative for you to choose from, which is usually overwhelming. But do not worry; consider the following tips for your very first project:

Your juice bar concept: Ambience, theme, and menu should match one another.

Ingredients sourced: Do some digging and find a good location that supplies reasonably-priced products.

Customizing/ Expanding your menu items: Try various ingredients and flavors, say a kale apple cucumber combination or smoothies, sandwiches, salads, and smoothie bowls.

Juice shots: A few people want to visit a juice bar for an immunity booster. Adding cold-pressed juices and juice shots can help.

Breakfast menu: Including juice in breakfast is a popular thing to do. So, you may add a separate breakfast menu to your juice bar’s list. Consider special combo offers like juice shots and smoothie bowls. 

Catering: It can be hugely successful to add a catering menu to your smoothie bar. For example, cater to every kind of event, from weddings to birthday parties. Juiceade is a good example.

Cost calculation: Monitor your expenses and balance quality and profits.

Menu item description: For instance, emphasize your ingredients’ quality, texture, and taste. 

One2 contactless menu

Use instant contactless QR code menus: Again, a juice bar is a newer trend, so tapping into One2 contactless menus is a good choice. The One2 Menu is a money and time saver and always up-to-date.

6. Add patio furniture

With patio seating, you get additional space to serve guests and concurrently create an inviting atmosphere. If you have ample space for more seats, the longer customers may stay and pick your juice bar for a much needed working corner, cute space to catch up with buddies, breathtaking views, or holiday destination. Else, build a unique seating space like this:

Image: buddha-full

Remember that patio furniture does not have to be a foreign country and costly. Because it is usually constructed of all the material that is cheaper, allowing it to be lightweight and mobile.

7. Use reused or recycled materials

Image: aliexpress

Over 80% of consumers likely purchase from a brand with a sustainability commitment, Making your juice bar eco-friendly also matches the green juice you sell. 

Packaging aside, consider using reused or recycled materials for your shop design, for instance, used wall decor, recycled glass, and bamboo.

8. Do something with your exterior design

An attractive exterior can draw guests in. Make good use of your windows, show off your logo, and make your front door look inviting. 

The Juice Box Boston has a welcoming entrance:

9. Use a one-stop technology solution

A juice shop design cannot be complete without a POS system, preferably a virtual POS from One2. One2 Platform streamlines your operational system, including ordering and delivery. Some other great features include:

  • Stripe Payments
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Website Integration
  • Improved SEO

Related questions 

1. Are juice bars a good business?

Yes. Its average revenue is reported to be from 100,000USD to 600,000USD. The profit margins of these good shops are big compared to other restaurants thanks to lower expenses and labor.

2. Other ideas for those with zero experience?

Make a memorable name. For example, Lazy Haus sounded fun. This is in Croatia’s small coastal town, Pula. ‘Haus' means house in German and ‘Lazy’ makes people feel super laid back after their tight schedule;

Have enough space for guests to walk in;

Give a coastal feel;

Incorporate music;

For your juice bar to be visually bigger like some interesting shops out there, consider brighter colours.

3. How to find the right contractor for my smoothie bar?

1st, check out several paper adverts. Though not ideal, it is fine to ask random builders you met literally amid their construction job. We suggest finding someone you can trust, communicate with, and work with to perfect your rough sketch without clarifying the technical reasoning behind it.  

Next, ask whether the team leader can come and check your space and initial idea & brief sketch/ rough sketch.

Then, do the necessary measuring and offer a rough quote. 

4. What equipment do I need for this whole project?

You are recommended to invest in the actual equipment such as a good fridge in your mini kitchen, coffee machine, juicer, and freezer.

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