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November 28, 2022
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A basic system that restaurant owners need to get for their business, the ordering system enables eateries to accept orders online and facilitate dine-in order taking. For busy customers balancing chores, family, work, and to-do lists, complications with their food ordering process are the last thing they want to handle. The branded ordering experience decides whether you can attract new customers and create raving fans. It then drives business growth.

This guide covers what you should know about the ordering system for restaurants and reveals what makes the best online ordering systems as per your business needs. We hope you know that today online food ordering is expected and trusted by the guests, as well as an essential tool for restaurant survival.

How does a restaurant ordering system work? 

Ordering systems for restaurants generally align the 3 most significant touchpoints for the patron:

1. Dine-in

Removing the need for the error-prone paper pen ordering process, the ordering system allows your staff who take orders to create a personalized experience. For instance, it calculates customized discounts automatically. The system can split the bills equally based on the guest and the items consumed as well.

2. Online food ordering

A restaurant ordering app enables your diners to have a hassle-free experience of ordering and tracking their orders.

3. At the kitchen level

Connected with a kitchen display system (KDS), the ordering system helps create personalization in preparing food. For example, it allows the ability to calculate the inventory and raw materials to be consumed following the number of orders.

It is important to address the role of the One2 ordering system. This solution accommodates all these 3 demands. Better yet, as your restaurant grows - leading to more touchpoints for customers to engage with your business (online and offline), One2 ensures that you have deep visibility throughout the order-input channels. The platform is designed to keep your guest’s experience first, so it is of good value in driving customer loyalty and thus sales.

Online ordering process 

The online food ordering system workflow consists of some aspects. These should provide your ability to improve your online ordering management systems. 

1. The user picks their items

The customers browse the online menu easily when connected to the restaurant online ordering system. In this way, they can decide particularly what they want to order, along with the quantity depending on their requirements - all in their own time.

2. Follow up with payment processing

One2 is one of the best online ordering systems.

In the checkout, the customer sees the order list, VAT charge, order total, and payment methods. They also get the benefit of entering coupon codes to buy the food at lower prices. Any payments will be then swiftly processed. 

3. Accept online orders

As a guest places their takeaway/delivery orders, you will receive instant notifications. You then start your side of the ordering process.

4. Complete the online ordering process

Upon the completion of the ordering process, the customer will either collect the food themselves, or the third-party platforms will handle the food delivery.

How do online ordering systems benefit your restaurant?

In 1994, Pizza Hut was the 1st firm to fulfill an online order via its website, PizzaNet. Nowadays, online food ordering systems have had a crucial part to play in the average consumer’s routine and business success.

More specifically, how advantageous online ordering is? There are at least 8 reasons why:

Ordering ease

With this online system, your restaurant/ghost kitchen can remove out-of-stock menu items and offer a real-time menu for customers. And with a few taps of a finger, the guests have all the items they want in their cart. 

Efficient order and customer management

The online ordering system removes the need for physical paper orders that may get lost in the busy kitchen. Besides, thanks to it, you know which order came first in no time.

Flexibility and control

Online ordering software puts you in charge, whether it is offering different delivery options, creating bundles, or displaying your online menu items differently.

Monitoring profitability

A restaurant ordering app tracks various menu items’ online sales and profitability. You can access real-time data wherever and whenever you want, without ever opening a cash register.

Better customer data

The more customer data you get, the better your business is equipped to stay on top of the trends in ordering food online. Remember that.

Exposure increase

For example, integrating online ordering into your restaurant website assists with boosting the number of site visitors (aka potential customers). The system helps improve online branding as well.

The convenience of mobile ordering

Over 83% of surveyed consumers place food delivery orders once a week or twice. With mobile ordering empowered by online ordering software, a guest can order eats anywhere and anytime. Even if they dine in at an eatery, ordering from their phones can ensure quick, no-contact service - and it is great in short-staffed restaurants or during a rush.

Maximizing the number of guests

While restaurants have a specific seating capacity, an online ordering tool helps maximize the number of your diners without expanding your establishment’s size.

Maximizing profits

20% of consumers say they spend more on off-premise orders and 34% pay about $50 per order on digital ordering platforms. Understandably, ordering this way, guests can take their time searching through dishes and their photos, prices, and descriptions. Add in how effective add-ons are in driving impulsive buying.

How to choose an online restaurant ordering system 

There are 4 ways to implement online food ordering systems for restaurants. 

- Through your restaurant’s POS system (point-of-sale system) with online ordering.

- Through POS integration with third-party apps.

- Through integration with your restaurant website.

- Through local delivery apps such as DoorDash. 

When evaluating which option is your good fit, consider these components.

1. Customization ability

Different restaurants have unique voices and personalities and their online presence should present this. While third-party delivery apps do not tend to support custom online forms that let a restaurant customize its templates and design, the best online ordering systems should allow that. 

2. Integration and compatibility

Also, consider an online ordering tool that integrates with your existing system smoothly. The solution should work on various devices such as tablets and laptops as well.

3. Ease of use

A restaurant ordering system is ideally simple to install and easy to learn and understand by managers and staff alike. Customer service should be available in case of a hiccup.

4. Customer experience

Further, think about how easy the solution is for customers of your business - say restaurants, ghost kitchens, or coffee shops, to browse your menu, choose items, and pay. Making the online ordering process fast and intuitive will assist with drawing in new customers and increasing retention.

5. Additional transaction fees and costs

Consider an online ordering system that makes it easy and effective for your business to start small and scale big as you go. A few solutions offer a completely free monthly fee for their basic offering while some require you to pay for their software and hardware. 

Likewise, watch out for online ordering systems that charge a high commission per order. Several third-party delivery services take a commission of about 30% from each online order. Meanwhile, using ordering systems for restaurants and ghost kitchens like One2 means a low monthly subscription fee and small transaction fees - without additional cost. There is no monthly fee on our feature-packed free plan, making it a worthwhile free online ordering system.

6. Promotional support

Some solutions offer marketing tools along with their online ordering systems. This promotional support may include search engine optimization, a contactless menu, social media marketing, etc. 

7. Access to customer data

Big isolated employee working in office workplace flat illustration

The more customer information you have, the more you know about them, and hence the better prepared you are to create targeted marketing campaigns. Ultimately, your guests will feel catered to and happy.

Moreover, collecting data over a couple of months, weeks, or days better prepares your business for the future. For instance, say last September your eatery sold out of French onion soup daily during the lunch rush. From this data, you may consider preparing a surplus of ingredients for the dish this September to ensure that your place is maximizing profits from it.

8. Customer loyalty programs

Guests belonging to a rewards program were revealed to spend twice as much as those who did not. Starbucks credits its loyalty program with generating 40% of all store sales. A restaurant online ordering system like One2 not only gives you visibility but also offers customer data that is of great value in marketing to boost loyalty

One2: The best online ordering system for restaurants

With the above aspects in mind, you may want to use One2 to start an online ordering business with a minimum of fuss and drive growth. This all-in-one solution will help maximize your customers, orders, and profits.

Key built-in features include:

- Web-based ordering system, meaning no need to download it

- Be cloud-based as well, meaning compatibility with all devices anywhere anytime

- Be a true turn-key solution for food businesses without their own website, too

- Online ordering and fulfillment

- Flat rate delivery

- Also serve as a POS system with inventory management

- Instant Contactless QR Code menu

- Accept unlimited orders

- Build loyalty programs as per your requirements and customer preferences

- Use Stripe for the best payment processing experience

- Easy to set up. One2 can be installed the same day without hardware and credit card

- An intuitive interface

- Increase your visibility and boost orders fast

- Real-time data recorded with sales reports accessible

Above all, built for dine-in, curbside pickup, delivery, and ghost kitchens, One2 can be tailored to meet the needs and wants of businesses in any size category. It is free to get started with our online ordering system - find out more about One2.

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2. How can I build an online ordering system for my website without the monthly fee?

Just use One2. Contact us for more information.

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