Restaurant Social Media Marketing: Ultimate Guide to Boost Sales

September 12, 2022
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According to Empathica research, 3 in 4 customers today choose a restaurant based on Facebook page photos and comments. Studies by the restaurant brand Zizzi show that 30% of millennial diners would avoid a restaurant with a weak Instagram presence. The number of worldwide social media users is 4.62 billion (about 60% of the global population) by January 2022. 

Social media rules and any business’s success depends on the effectiveness of its social strategy. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to restaurant social media marketing and even more. 

How social media marketing can help a restaurant

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Social media marketing is a digital marketing form that taps into the power of the social media app to work out your restaurant marketing plan and achieve the goals you set. More specifically:

Social media management is critical to building and growing many restaurants’ customer base. 

Also, social media has impacted how people interact with each other and how firms conduct business and have two-way communication with their existing and potential customers. It is now not an option but a necessity. 

It impacts dining choice behaviors as well.

Moreover, among the fastest ways of keeping customers up to date (new menu items, the free meal, changes in operating hours, restaurant news, social media contests, latest trends, etc.).

It would also allow your business to be found online and thus increase brand awareness.

Besides, add professionalism.

Furthermore, your social media presence gives insight into your target audience experiences (happy or unhappy customers) and defines areas of improvement.

Also, social media advertising is affordable compared to offline advertising.

Ultimately, help with higher profitability levels and long-term competitive advantage that offers economic sustainability.

Restaurant social media trends to capitalize on and be big in 2023 

First, create shareable, engaging content to gain traction on social media sites. Think visually appealing photos and a creative social media post about your specials.

Restaurant social media marketing post

Second, satisfy customers with Instant Gratification (meaning prompt responses on every front).

Third, consider influencer marketing. Over 16 billion USD will be invested in influencer marketing programs by next year.

Fourth, consider live streaming which is a marriage of a personalized, comfortable atmosphere of the live streaming person with the ease of purchasing from home. In America, live commerce revenue is projected to triple by 2024.

Fifth, create a plan for social media crises, say the negative review or when virality goes wrong.

What makes perfect social media profiles? Your perfect menus 

One2 contactless menu

If you want to succeed in your restaurant's social media strategy yet your social media profile is brought to a standstill, perfecting your menu is one of the best solutions. Aside from giving customers information, a visually attractive, professional, updated menu allows your business to increase sales. One2 contactless QR code menus are that beneficial

With the One2 menu, your business will get found in search and get more orders.

Designed for SEO and Google search, the One2 menu is cost-effective and safe. With this app, ranking higher on Google Maps is simpler and publishing your menu to social media accounts like Facebook is just with the push of a button. Ultimately, it helps keep your business top-of-mind and boost foot traffic and revenue. 

Tips and tricks for your restaurant marketing strategy: 5 examples of awesome social media presence growth

1. Reveal what is behind the scenes

Success story: Brendas Meat and Three

The social media marketing strategy:

They share not just delicious looking photos but behind-the-scenes photos of what is up in the kitchen.

Why it works: 

Customers today prefer seeing how the dishes are made in restaurant kitchens. It is a great way of wowing your potential customer with the employees’ talent, the fresh, locally grown food you choose, and attracting new customers to come and try your good food.

2. Get back to online reviews

Success story: Colorado Chop Shop

The social media strategy: 

They respond to practically any review on their Yelp page (both negative and positive review).

Why it works: 

By getting back to both negative reviews and positive feedback, comments, and direct messages, your business can build trust with transparency and a positive reputation.

3. Create a Beautiful Instagram, Facebook business page, etc., in line with brand guidelines

Success story: Cantina Rooftop

The strategy for social media platforms:

Centering on its aesthetic, this business has developed appealing Instagram posts that reflect its beautiful food establishment. 

Why it works: 

Highlight Instagram stories, post pictures aligned with your brand on your Instagram account, and keep your customers up to date through the social media post, which reflects how great your business is.

4. Leverage user generated content

Success story: Five Guys

The strategy for social media channels:

This business promotes its restaurant online by sharing user generated content (meaning various content forms like videos and photos made by your customers that equate to a personal referral). Of course, the brand reposts it with credit given to the original author in the social posts. 

Why it works: 

This way shows your potential customers that you are interactive with your community while allowing them to hear from other customers instead of from you that your restaurant is worth a visit. 

5. Leverage social media contests

Success story: Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

The online marketing strategy: 

Who does not like free stuff/ free dinner? The business partnered with a news radio station in the local area to provide a gift card for a lucky winner who commented on its Facebook page post and tagged their friend.

Why it works: 

You can encourage engagement by leveraging interactive content like polls and contests that about 80% of marketers concur has reusable value, leading to higher customer loyalty and multiple exposures.

Related questions

Image: ReadersDigest

1. How to use social media for restaurant marketing?

  • Announce weekly, daily, or seasonal menus.
  • Share recipes.
  • Highlight staff such as servers and chefs.
  • Deliver behind-the-scenes content.
  • Showcase user generated content.
  • Send a promotion/ discount code (easily created using One2 Loyalty & Rewards) on social media.
  •  Cross promote your restaurant social media channels.
  • Add multiple locations to your social media profiles if you have them.
  • Communicate with customers.

2. Which social media platforms are best for my business?

Image: KnowledgeBroker

Answer these questions to find the right social media platforms for your restaurant marketing:

  • What social media sites do your potential customers spend time with?
  • What platform is in line with your brand/ aesthetic?
  • Can you present your business better through pictures or videos? 

3. How to make the most of my Instagram accounts?

  • Change your Instagram account to a business account, allowing you to access analytical insights, set contact options, and run paid ads campaigns).
  • Create a clear but creative Instagram bio, for example, @meatballer).
  • Keep aesthetic consistent throughout your account.
  • Use location tags and relevant hashtags.
  • Include influence collaboration in your restaurant marketing plan. 

4. How to make the most of my Facebook for media marketing?

  • Change your account to a ‘Local Business or Place.’
  • Fill out essential information like contact, location, and website link to your social media profiles.
  • Add menus.
  • Add an online ordering link.

5. How to make the most of my TikTok for digital marketing?

  • Debuting new items of food.
  • Show off your dining experience.
  • Answer comments in a timely and human way.
  • Join TikTok trends.
  • Upload TikTok videos on Instagram Reels

6. How often should restaurants post on my social media platform?

three times per week

7. Don'ts in restaurant social media marketing?

  • Post menus as PDFs (you can check here for the reason).
  • Post low-quality pictures.
  • Overwhelm customers with too much social media advertising.

8. Can I promote my business on social media for free?

Yes. Paid media aside, you can incorporate free social media promotion methods into your media marketing plan, for instance, using trending hashtags and sharing customer content.

9. Which hashtags should I use for my social media marketing?

Based on the competition and the area, you may use relatively specific hashtags as well.

Popular hashtags such as #foodgasm and #foodphotography. Also, smaller yet relevant hashtags, say #brunch and #yummy.

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