The Ultimate Guide to Cloud POS System for Successful Ghost Kitchen

December 22, 2022
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Ghost kitchens are projected to become a $1 trillion market by 2030. This implies the business model (that tends to sell online and implement delivery instead of physical space in the on-premise restaurant business) prospers. That said, even when a business grows most successfully, it has its challenges. And in the case of a ghost kitchen, building an efficient order management process and enhancing the service quality is the main challenge.

While no magic wand can do the trick and remove all productivity problems, there is a solution that can transform any food business - ghost kitchens, quick service restaurants, or other on-premise ones. It is a cloud-based point-of-sale system or a cloud POS. You do not have to be tech-savvy to adopt this POS software. In this guide, we shall tell you all you need to know about it to get started and gain success.  

What is a cloud-based POS system? 

A cloud POS system means a web-based point-of-sale solution that stores real-time data on remote servers. You can access data wherever there is an Internet connection. Cloud POS software like One2 allows the ability to change menu items instantly on the go.

It is also important to note that cloud-based POS is the future. Over 2021 and this year, over 60% of point-of-sale system purchases were cloud ones, setting a new milestone.

How cloud POS systems streamline your ghost kitchen operations

1. Save costs

Cloud-based POS systems are generally less pricey and need few upfront costs compared with traditional POS systems (also called legacy POS systems). That is because of their less complex installation, online training and maintenance, and more reasonably priced hardware options available. 

2. Increase flexibility

With cloud POS software, retail stores, quick service restaurants, and ghost kitchens can scale down or up with no associated costs. For instance, One2’s intuitive and fast cloud-based POS system replaces a bulky and costly traditional pos system. It is a marriage of cloud-based tech and an important feature related to mobility from a mobile device.

3. Manage orders in a centralized location

All orders from your online store and in-store will be placed in a restaurant POS. That is why managing them and creating customer profiles is a breeze. 

4. Increase revenue visibility

This POS software enables the ability to keep track of every transaction performed daily, weekly or monthly across sales channels - including the website and trusted food delivery companies. You can compare your incomes per week, decide whether they meet your sales goal, and revise your strategy for improved revenue.

5. Build and update menus instantly

Sushi X menu powered by One2

One2’s cloud POS system allows the ability to edit and manage your menu effortlessly on any Internet-connected device, including the mobile device. On top of that, the menu is automatically published to Google whenever you update it.

6. Improve uptime

This type of restaurant POS does not depend on local hardware options. So, they are less vulnerable to issues such as hardware failures and power outages, making for enhanced uptime for your business.

7. Strengthen data security

Cloud POS works in a way that boasts enhanced security measures in comparison with legacy POS software. Service providers may make more investments in their security infrastructure and stay informed about the most recent threats.

8. Upgrade the customer experience 

Organic flat feedback concept

This mobile POS software enables an easier, faster, and smoother customer experience throughout. Diners tend to have no difficulty in the payment processing step. And swifter frictionless checkouts mean increased conversion and higher customer loyalty

What to look for in your cloud-based POS systems

1. Modern, user-friendly interface

To do their job well, your employees deserve to use the right tools. That means having cloud POS software with all the functionality and built-in integrations needed to serve your customers!

This purpose-built solution should have an intuitive central dashboard that provides inventory, cash, and sales data in real-time. Even better, the One2 system automatically translates menus into any language and enables ideal display size on various devices, including the mobile device. There is no overwhelming navigation as well. Recognized as one of the best cloud POS systems, One2 should enhance your team member satisfaction and improve sales

Online ordering on One2

2. Online ordering and fulfillment

Your new cloud-based POS software needs to accept payments online and implement features that allow for smooth discount, tip, and refund management. With it, you can minimize errors by skipping manual order entries. 

It is worth mentioning that these features aside, One2 has partnered with reliable delivery companies like DoorDash and Uber to offer direct delivery services. This solution is perfect for service professionals looking to manage everything on a unified cloud-based system.

3. Analytical and reporting features

In today’s highly competitive environment, not only retail stores and restaurants but also ghost kitchens cannot afford to take risks. Cloud POS systems will automatically aggregate, store, and calculate to give you advanced reporting about your business performance, room for improvement, and sales trends. 

For example, these pinpoint your sales data, including best sellers, lowest-selling staples, and most profitable ones. With them, you should know well about the busiest operating hours. Ultimately, thanks to the cloud POS system, you can make data-driven decisions like staff scheduling and inventory management. 

4. Inventory management

With the cloud POS software, ghost kitchens have little to no difficulty in performing the categorization of goods, monitoring food inventory levels, and getting notified once the stock is running low. It can save your operating costs and improve the inventory turnover ratio. No more food waste and menu item shortages when handling the huge influx of online orders!

5. Loyalty features

No dining room? No worries. The best cloud POS system like One2 can help you connect to customers. Just keep diners coming back and increase sales by rewarding repeat guests with a loyalty and rewards program integrated into the point-of-sale platform.

Some good features of the right mobile POS software in this sense include:

- Provide awards depending on online order frequency, items bought, and the amount spent.

- Enable your guests to get a real-time view of their rewards. 

Ideally, this program serves as one of the efficient marketing tools, creating a perfect opportunity to engage customers via targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns. Speaking of running targeted marketing campaigns, look for these things in your next POS systems:

- Customer management that captures guest names, contact information, favorite menu items, etc. 

- Offer third-party integrations like email marketing software for emailing diners and monitoring click-through rates.

6. Growth capability

According to the Vice President of Information Technology at Paris Baguette Massimo Mallozzi, scalability is one of the most significant aspects of cloud POS software. The restaurant POS solution you select should not just be able to keep pace with your everyday business operations but deal with the volume increases as your business grows. 

In this regard, One2 can support you, too. Aside from enabling your streamlined workflows, we accommodate your unique needs. With the platform, you can structure your businesses exactly the way you need to. 

One2: The right POS system built for your bottom line 

The all-in-one solution One2 is packed with key features (without hidden fees) to help you run your online ordering business. It allows you to improve revenue with coupons and promotions. You can manage multiple locations from one account as well. The POS software also offers holistic reporting to assist your more informed decision-making. 

Further, One2 extends the power with automatic menu updates on websites and other channels and powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhancements. Setup is on the same day without hardware and credit card required.

"We enjoyed working with One2 during the pandemic to promote Blondies Cocktails, including assistance with logistics and online ordering." Blondies Cocktails' Compliance Specialist Christina Di Novo

Overall, with One2, you will not have to worry about anything slowing you down. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Related questions 

1. What are the key differences between cloud POS and traditional POS systems?

Traditional pos systems:

- Server-based

- Include fewer payment options for customers.

- Pricey and bulky

- Involve costly updates to maintain.

On the other hand, cloud-based POS systems:

- Can be accessed remotely.

- Sales and payment processing is all online.

- Update faster, cheaper, and more smoothly

2. How much does cloud-based point-of-sale software cost?

Please check here.  

3. What are the main challenges faced by ghost kitchens?

Some challenges some cloud POS systems cannot eliminate include:

- Low brand recognition

- High commissions from third-party deliveries

The good news is that One2 implements features that help you handle these challenges. 

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