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Send your customers notifications from your own app. Proven tools to grow repeat orders.

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The Best Solution to a Restaurant native app

Send notifications on iOS, Android, o install required.

Send specials to your customers as push notifications, order updates, and Loyalty and Rewards, marketing campaigns from your own app. Best part is it's free.

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Better delivery for your business

Leverage flat rate delivery partners to fulfill every order.

With One2, you get commission free pricing with leading delivery providers, saving you an average of 25% per order. Get all of the customer data without hiring your own delivery staff.

Now delivering with:

Doordash partnership with One2
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Loyalty & Rewards

No one knows your customers better than you. Take back control of your loyalty & rewards program.

Finally, a loyalty & rewards program built into your own app.

  • Build & manage email lists to connect with customers.
  • Incentivize return orders with custom discounts & promo codes.
  • Get more first-party orders with exclusive app only push notifications.
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