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A better Menu Experience

73% of customers check the menu before visiting a restaurant.

Customers are already searching for you.

We can improve the menu viewing experience, which means more business

Automatically publish to Google.

When you publish your menu, it immediately updates on your website and Google MyBusiness.

Maximize your online visibility.

The One2 Menu maximizes your online visibility to make it easier for customers to find you. Now the menu items are visible in Google.

Say goodbye to that outdated menu.

With the One2 Menu, the menu on your website will always match the menus on your tables.

Showcase Specials

Want to show off those daily specials? Or maybe you just want to add the latest seasonal dishes? No problem.

Effortless Updates

In seconds, you can effortlessly add or remove items, or even entire pages from your menu. Just tap, edit, and publish.

Any device, any time.

With the One2 Menu, you can update your online menu at any time, from any device, without ever having to touch your website.

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