What is it?
How it works
Are you missing out on customers?
96% of customers are checking the restaurant menu on their phones before they go. Are they finding you?

Our platform helps customers find your menu on  Website, Google Search, Maps, and Business profile.
  • More Traffic = More Customers
  • Searchable Specialties + Beautiful Images
  • Multiple Language support
  • You have total control over menu updates, even on your phone
  • Works with your current website
  • No App to Download
  • Manage your menu in our app
    Easily showcase your menu with pictures and specials
  • We connect your menu
    We integrate with Google My Business, Search, Maps, and your website.
  • You get more customers
    More people will find your menu and website from Google Maps & Search.
Mobile responsive menus for all devices
Drives more traffic to your menu
Update specials and menu instantly from your phone
Advantages One2 Menu
  • SEO optimized (discoverable on Google or other search engines)
  • Complete control over your menu with easy updates from your phone or PC
  • Showcase your menu items with beautiful pictures
  • Automatically push to Google MyBusiness
  • Menus look great on any device, improving customer experience
One2 Menu vs. other solutions
PDF Menus
Bad for SEO:
PDFs do nothing to improve SEO. They cannot be indexed by search engines, such as Google. Additionally, if you feature your menu on services like Google My Business, you'll be performing these updates twice.
Updates are difficult:
Editing a PDF requires a word processor or graphic design software. They must then be exported and re-uploaded to your site every time a change is required.
PDFs are not responsive:
In other words, PDFs do not display well on smaller devices such as phones. Your customers have to pinch and zoom to read small text on small screens.
PDFs can't be translated Easily by customers
For customers that don't speak the printed language, you have few options. Your customers can use Google translate's phone app and run your finger over the PDF picture, or you can make multiple PDF menus in each language.
One2 Menu Advantages:
Good for SEO:
The One2 Menu can improve your SEO significantly. They are easily indexed by search engines. Once you connect Google My Business, every update you make to your menu is automatically pushed to Google, ensuring it's always up-to-date.
Updates are easy:
With the One2 Menu, you can quickly update individual pages, sections, and items. There is no need to manage files or work with a graphic design or web developer.
One2 Menus are responsive:
The One2 Menu looks great on all devices, regardless of screen size. This ensures that your menu is always legible. Images will also be much easier to view.
One2 Menus Support Multiple Languages
Your customers don't have to worry; they can choose their preferred language. Easily manage which languages you want. One2 menu can support native translations.
Web Designer / DIY
Updates are slow:
Updating a website menu manually is a very tedious and unnecessarily complex task, often requiring the assistance of a web designer.
SEO is not guaranteed:
Depending on how your website was configured, your SEO could range from fair to terrible. Often times, website editors generate code that makes it difficult, if not impossible for Google to index.
Lacks image support:
Almost all menu management tools include little to no image support. When they do, it's often a headache to manage images.
App installation:
Third party menu apps often require your customers to install an app. This can be a huge barrier to getting your customers to view your menu.
One2 Menu Advantages:
Updates are instant:
No more calling a web designer or manually updating your website. Updates are pushed instantly from our app to your website.
Maximizes SEO:
There's no need to worry about optimizing your menu with One2. You always have peace of mind knowing that you'll get the maximum search visibility and discoverability.
Supports images:
With the One2 Menu, you can quickly add images to any item on your menu.
No app installation:
Your menu can be easily viewed from your existing menu. Showcase your menu in your brand on your site.
Single Platform
Limited design:
Single Platform menus allow for limited control over the design of your menu, resulting in menus that often feel disconnected from your brand and website.
Updates are difficult:
For many updates, you have to call Single Platform support. This can be both time-consuming and frustrating.
Lacks image support:
Single Platform menus do not include image support. At this point, it's just non-existent.
High prices:
Pricing is very high, especially for the level of flexibility and support they provide to their customers.
Questionable business practices:
There are a plethora of complaints on the Better Business Bureau's website. Aggressive sales tactics might be an understatement. According to many reviews, they often take control of restaurants Google listings, posting incorrect information without the owners consent and demanding payment before removing incorrect menu information.
One2 Menu Advantages:
Menus that match your brand:
One2 menus look and feel seamless when installed in your website. They match the look and feel of your website. No more disconnect between your online menu and brand.
Updates are easy:
You can quickly update your menu from any device, any time. While out staff is always happy to assist you, you have total control of your menu.
Supports images:
With the One2 Menu, you can quickly add images to any item on your menu.
Low prices:
The One2 Menu adds value to your menu, and in most cases, will pay for itself.
Honest and transparent:
We are always up-front and honest with our customers. Our staff will never harass you with aggressive sales tactics. We believe you should always control of your Google listings and how you are represented online. Under no circumstances should that ever be used against you to pressure a deal or sale.